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A super project under the sign of inbound marketing

Athonet, a company specialized in the development of mobile cores for 4G and 5G private networks, has set a challenge: to stand out and emerge in a market dominated by big players. Challenge accepted! This is how we developed a project, from the definition of the brand strategy to the development of its new website, rich in accessible and engaging content.






Telling the invisible,
making it vivid and accessible

From strategy to rebranding

To "shape" Athonet and attract new customers and partners

What are mobile networks? And how do we represent them? But most importantly, who is Athonet?! An SME with great ambitions that supplies unique and highly innovative solutions. That is why we decided to begin by defining a solid brand strategy that would later guide us in the creation of a coordinated graphic design rich in applications as to to express Athonet’s innovation and technological leadership in the field of private cellular networks in the world.

Before anything else, the website

The new core of the Athonet communication.

It all started with a request, “Will you do our business card over?”. From there, we got to a completely revamped website, designed to offer clear information about the different solutions, services and applications of Athonet’s offerings, simplifying the navigation and the access to informational content.

Then, the Content Strategy

How do we tell about something that cannot be seen? Actually, we asked this question ourselves early on, so that while designing the website we could think about the best ways to tell complex concepts. The choice fell on video tutorials, demo videos, and videos showing the applications of Athonet solutions for different market verticals. All the way to case studies … but that’s another story 😉.

All this for Inbound Marketing

With the assets created, we deployed an inbound marketing strategy to attract and convert new potential customers and partners. Consistent production of high-quality informational content allowed us to work well in the attraction phase and helped boost the engagement and conversions.