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The ultimate tool for the sales team

We developed a tool for meetings with partners and clients: an interactive map that allows to dynamically find Baxter projects around the world, showing details in a simple and effective way.






Find the best deals
wherever you want,
whenever you want

What do salespeople need?

From this question, the “interactive map” project was born. The Baxter Surgical division sales team struggles to access specific and valuable information at various stages of the sales process. Product info is here, presentations are there, photos of installations up and success stories down. What a tough life for the salesperson!

Easy, they need data

In short… they need a tool easily that is accessible from all devices, secure and immediate, where they can find everything they need. Our solution groups the best deals from the EMEA regions into a beautiful and intuitive interactive map. It includes case descriptions, product info and app photos, allowing the team to filter and sort information by geographic location or by product.

The goals achieved

The overall goal was to implement a scalable tool that would provide the sales team with all the necessary information and become a key element in facilitating the sales process.