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The Web App of Cortina d'Ampezzo

After developing the new official Cortina website, we also developed a web app that fully enhances and makes the tourism offerings of the Queen of the Dolomites available.


Travel & Tourism



For those who surf, even in the mountains!

The app for the queen
of the Dolomites

Cortina at your fingertips

After developing the website, we were asked to design an app that condensed all the best of the website… into an app! Exactly.

We kept the design simple but impactful, easy to navigate and able to systematize all the useful information for users.

Compatibility and content

Compatible with all iOs and Android systems, the app guides the users in the discovery of the must-live experiences, venues and services offered during each season, in multiple languages, in Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Are you experiencing an irrepressible craving for casunziei and want to know what restaurant is open now near you? Easy, enter the app!

Plan your vacation

Webcam, weather service, Magazine and… we have equipped the App with a push notification system to promote the most interesting events of the season. Moreover, thanks to the management of favorites, the user can save points of interest and activities to better plan his vacation! Interesting, isn’t it?

Easy to manage and update

With a tailored CMS

Content management is linked to the CMS already used for the website, this allows the app to be updated quickly and easily through an advanced interface that can compose elaborate pages using intuitive and immediate forms.