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The official website of Cortina and neighboring valleys

Cortina's official website needed a redesign and the creation of a platform capable of guiding users to discover the experiences to be had, the venues and services offered. This is how was born: a website designed and developed to comprehensively enhance the tourism offerings of Cortina and its neighboring valleys.


Travel & Tourism



Experience Cortina
in a click!

The perfect crown for the queen of the Dolomites 👑🏔️

Spring, summer, autumn, winter...

…but also sports, excursions, experiences, hotels, clubs and services!
How to present Cortina and the Dolomites? By developing a complete multilingual platform, easy to navigate and update, able to systematize the territory, services and the entire tourist offer declined for each season. Easy, right?

Visual Design & User Experience

Comprehensive, beautiful to navigate and user-friendly

After studying the user experience, identifying the main search intents and habits, we designed an elegant and immersive yet easy-to-navigate site to ensure maximum user usability and give space for images.

Modular architecture

Order and consistency, with maximum flexibility

We started from the concept of modular design and made a flexible interface that consists of modules. The goal? To have depth of content and variety of presentation while maintaining consistency and maximum ease in creating and expanding pages.

Customized CMS

Easy to manage and update

We have created a multi-language, multi-wall site where editors from Cortina (and other valleys) can update content quickly and easily through an advanced interface that can compose elaborate pages easily, thanks to intuitive and immediate forms and configurations.

They liked it so much,
that they even asked us for the app!

SEO oriented, of course darling!

We made the most of the content in the new platform, with a focus on ranking. A meticulous analysis enabled us to revamp all pages of the site while preserving and consolidating our search engine presence.

Just a few additions

The tool was created so that it can be integrated with other marketing platforms, websites, and management systems. To further enrich the content proposition, the website interfaces with the Feratel platform and imports Weather data automatically.

Not only Cortina...

Let the images do the talking

The portal not only tells the story of Cortina, but also includes the neighboring valleys to offer a “borderless” experience. We had an impressive photographic repertoire at our disposal, and of course we chose to make the most of it to tell about all the opportunities and beauties of the Dolomites.