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A portal to discover and experience the green of Bologna

eXtraBo is the Outdoor Infopoint in and around Bologna that weaves together information and promotion activities. For this beautiful reality we created a platform that can present all the attractions, activities and beauties of the area, offering itineraries and routes between nature, culture and food and wine.


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The right place to find outdoor activities

What is up today in Bologna?

Plan your perfect day!

We want to tell the story of the urban green in and the countryside around Bologna, organizing experiences, information and tourist offerings, with a focus on the user interests. This is how was born, a website dedicated to promoting green landscapes from a practical perspective. A complete digital space, easy to navigate and manage, developed to integrate with all the tools of the vast Bologna Welcome world.

Modular design and development

Easy to manage, update and expand

After initial analysis of user needs and navigation flows, we decided to set up a custom WordPress design with modular architecture that allows website editors to implement new sections and new pages in an agile and flexible manner.

Advanced integrations!

Trekksoft and Hubspot
For a smooth and comprehensive experience

Experiences, activity packages and services are made immediately accessible through integration into the Trekksoft platform: software for managing, booking and purchasing activities and experiences. For marketing, on the other hand, Hubspot and Whatsapp have been integrated.

A comprehensive offer

Download the map, book the restaurant, create and purchase your package

Materials, maps, itineraries, experiences and services for trekking and cycling enthusiasts, between nature, food and wine and culture. A complete and structured offer to respond to your desire for green!

An unmistakable look & feel

What a craving for greenery!

The portal is designed to integrate and dialogue seamlessly with Bologna Welcome’s vast ecosystem of communication materials and tools.

The results

With the eXtraBo site, the green of Bologna and its surroundings has a new digital home tailored to the needs of users. The result is a website that is modular, easy for editors to implement and update, but above all a true reference point for users, offering a smooth flow of navigation, booking and purchase from both desktop and mobile.