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A beautiful website for people who design beautiful things

A recently established design studio, a nice portfolio of work for major international furniture brands, and the need for a website to be known. That's how the website for the friends of Needs was born: an immediate, easy-to-manage and beautiful-to-navigate tool that effectively presents the studio's aesthetic values and its best projects.



Design & Architecture



Making design around design

It's a matter of harmony

No coordinated image study, nor brand guidelines, but we have full freedom in the use of logos, fonts, color palettes. We also have a portfolio of high quality project images… plus we are fully in tune with the firm’s aesthetic values. In short, we’re on a roll!

UX, design et voilà!

Elegance is simplicity

We designed and built a website that is essential, clear and simple but not trivial, a website dedicated to a single purpose: to maximize the quality of Needs’ projects and guide users through the studio’s aesthetic proposition, with an eye toward mobile navigation.

Mobile first

Watch out for the cell phone!

The results

The result is the Needs website! Lots of projects smoothly organized and presented in an essential and elegant web space that is easy to manage and pleasant to navigate. The right tool for welcoming new clients and receiving direct inquiries from new contacts.