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A videogame to reinforce the duo "Protection-Euronda"

Launched during the IDS23 fair, the "Pac-Euronda" videogame was created as a lead generation and brand awareness tool. An homage to the classic Pac-man, but declined in the Euronda style, it is available to dentists to entertain their patients in the waiting room and raise awareness of the protective procedures adopted in their dental practice.






Euronda's videogame for dental practices

Euronda's videogame for dental practices

Dental protection: between Entertainment and Education

You’re in the waiting room at the dentist’s, and you know the magazines by heart by now. And meanwhile, your anxiety rises. What to do? Easy, you scan the QR code with your smartphone and you’re ready to autoclave viruses and bacteria out of a great video game classic. That’s what Pac-Euronda is, a fun way to entertain the wait for your appointment, but also an educational tool to raise awareness and communicate the dental practice’s commitment to protection.

The first goal? Lead generation!

Protection in the practice: between Entertainment and Educational

The project launch is simple, but effective. We created a landing page, launched traffic campaigns on Meta platforms, and sent DEMs to contacts already in the Euronda database. In exchange for the data collected through forms, dental offices get all the information and materials to download, print and put in the waiting room for patients to play with.

It’s all about protection

Protection at the dentist is Euronda

The secondary objective of the project is to make brand awareness and connect the concept of protection in the dental field to the Euronda brand. With the game, dentists offer their patients completely free entertainment. At the same time, at the end of each game, patients can access a section with educational content that delves into and explains in an accessible way the protection protocols implemented by the practice for their safety.