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Content and more content, to reposition the brand

There is brand repositioning going on, and the desire to move away from product-centric communication is pushing us to do more storytelling... but without overdoing it! Our plan must be sustainable and adoptable cross-country.






Nature moves, Stiga cares for it

Content first!

After analyzing the current contents across Stiga’s channels, we’ve come up with a story that could go with the recent rebranding. It is a narrative built on 4 pillars, 4 threads of content that adapt to various formats. Naturally, we didn’t forget the product: after all, it has to be sold!

From strategy to delivery

Top creativity, but with Swiss precision!

This project requires special attention to the organization of work processes and the collaboration with the Stiga marketing team. We have implemented a system that takes us quickly from strategy to “content story” production, to the atomization of content to make it available in advance to countries and dealers.

The expert series

Making the most of the internal know-how

The mix of storytelling and focus on results, with a keen eye on the final consumer’s needs, are the basis for “the garden expert” and “the lawn expert”. Our two homemade influencers sharing tips and advice on lawn and garden care. Now, it’s all about “enjoying your garden!”.

Keep an eye on the dealer!

More than just content

The focus on content stories does not deter us from producing content tailored for dealers, to be shared on social media. These are agile and dynamic productions, crafted quickly with just the bare minimum (an iPhone 😎), maximizing the effort to reach maximum results.