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A competition to entertain (and expand) the community

For the 2020 European Football Championship (delayed to 2021 because of Covid) we thought of a digital social activation to engage the Weber Italia community by combining the pleasure of BBQing with the passion for the sport most loved by Italians.



Food & Beverage



4 football players and 4 Weber devices
for a fiery challenge!
Who will win?

The convocations

For a team devoted to attack!

It takes a great team to win.
We composed ours, selecting 4 former football players followed on social media by well-balanced audiences, and asked them to challenge each other in front of the grill.
Who will be the BBQ champion?

A little teasing... and a little flab!

To ignite the flame of curiosity and draw attention, we launched polls, games, and teasers. The scent of barbecue spread on social among BBQ lovers, reaching new audiences as well.

Action, it's grilling time!

Champions take the field

In little more than a week, the posts published by the talents on Instagram and reposted on the official Weber profiles reached a high number of views. 📹🎥📽️

Time to vote

A social challenge with reaction shots

For each challenge, the community proclaimed a winner using reactions.
Finally, as the Italian national soccer team triumphed, our 4 champions gathered for the grand final.
And the winner is…