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One prize a day for 28 days: let the Weber contest begin

A digital scratch card to light the barbecue passion. Many daily prizes and a special final prize. Here's how we created the Gratta&Griglia (scratch&grill) contest: daily raffles, social ads and many many newsletter subscribers!



Food & Beverage



Lead generation with a capital L (and even the capital G)

A digital scratch card

Easy, amusing and instant

Since our goal was to maximize the number of participants and the number of leads acquired, we came up with a really “pop” solution. 28 days, 28 prizes up for grabs, and at the very end, a fantastic Weber Traveler for one of the participants. The whole contest was managed in a centralized and automated way, so as not to go crazy with the daily draws.

Social ads and creators

A killer mix to let everyone know

To give the contest the right visibility, we carried out intensive social activities: on the one hand advertising on Facebook and Instagram, and on the other hand we activated collaborations with influencers to draw the attention of the Weber community and expand to new audiences.