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A platform for the sales force and beyond!

Woolrich Training Tool is the platform designed specifically for sales people of the well-known clothing company. A tool designed to share, train and work, used worldwide to effectively manage, consult and present the entire product catalog, price lists and manuals.






Well-designed, comprehensive and always up-to-date:
the right tool to use on the go!

Let's platform!

With an eye on aesthetics and functionality

The platform must be functional, pleasant and ready-to-use to use on all the devices. The resource should be integrated with the company’s information systems, so that it can be used by the sales force to show the customer new collections, but also as an internal tool to share, train and update with different types of access to information.


One tool, several uses

We have built a platform that is effective from both desktop and tablet, used by representatives worldwide to study and show the product catalog to customers. Likewise, it is used by the marketing team to present news and share update information in one place.

Granular access management

To each their own!

We have developed an interface that is customizable in layout and functionality, with granular management of access permissions. Each user using the platform is provided with a personal account, to which various levels of access to information can be assigned.

Fully integrated

To be always up-to-date

Through the integration with management, DAM and other information systems, it is possibile to consult and display product information, as well as attachments, 3D renderings, images, photos, videos and many other contents. An added warranty: the user always views the updated version.