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Ouch ouch...
the light was red!!!


Sorry! I was texting.


How can we resolve this?


I'm in a hurry, so I'll leave you my ID card.
And my watch!
I promise, I won't disappear, but I have to go.
I'll get back to you, okay?


Okay, that's fine.

Every good story has a brilliant opening

In our case, it also cracked the bumper.

After that fortuitous meeting/clash, our two “characters” met again and discovered that they had respectively set up two small local agencies: one devoted to content production and digital communication, the other with a more tech and innovative soul.

So they said to each other:
“Hey, we could get together and do something bigger.
Actually, you know what?”

“Let’s do it Super!”

That was way back in 2018, and today Super is first and foremost a close-knit team of beautiful people who like their jobs a lot. To the delight of colleagues, partners and, of course, customers as well. 😇

Not just

pretty faces



I was once told I was an inventor, and I loved the idea! I founded Super for that reason, too.



I founded Super Agency to explain to my grandmother what I do. Yes grandma, I do ads.

Content leader


Multichannel Master Craftsman to dominate the content dance and make brands shine in the cyber chaos 🕉️

Graphic Designer


I live my life with kindness, I don't like fruit, I received wedding wishes from a VIP, I draw and animate beautiful things.

Front End Developer


I call myself Bruno, I write code, I make sites, I see people. Outside of Super I organize events, play games, drink delicious beers!

Account Executive


Words, people, projects, cats and more. I live in a world of orderly chaos and always like to find a solution.



If I had to describe myself I wouldn't 😎. In Super I mostly do copy, deep-sea fishing and other little things to do!

Project Manager


PM by job, when I play the role of Grill Master I bring joy to the whole team (Silvio cleans up afterwards anyway 😋).

Graphic Designer


I love simple things: good food, good soccer, the Adobe package. What more do you want out of life!

Marketing Specialist


I stumbled upon digital marketing and it was love at first sight. From Connecticut to Super, it didn't take much!



Every day it surprises and amazes me, and teaches me something new. And then if I'm not here, the house breaks!

Inbound Specialist


Queen of automation, tailor of keywords, theoretician of inbound. Without me all these creative people would be lost 😇

Art Director


Differently young designer, conscientious observer, ready to lend a hand at every digital and non-digital construction site.

Project Manager


Unofficial office hi-fi system. "A project is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get!"

Business Developer


Unbeatable sixty-five metrist. I believe in the bulb, the handshake, and the relevance of analog value.

Social Media Specialist


Part-time social, part-time translator and podcast host. When I'm offline, I'm almost certainly in a vintage market.

Account Manager


A life in agency. Former pizza maker, former photographer, former street philosopher. Today I turn Clients' dreams into solid realities.

Performance Leader


I studied the past to understand the present, today I read data to predict the future!

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